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Operando com Robô Boss Trader ao Vivo – Boss Trader IQ Option e Opções B...

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Beginner here! Need help

Hello guys! I am new to trading and right now i am trying to learn using paper trading. I am trading on eToro and iqOptions, but i have a question. Why when i open a position, the price i open at is bigger then the current price? I have seen on youtube people trading on the platforms i use and the open at the current price everytime. Thank you!
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Best/cheapest/affordable online broker?

Hi guys.
I am ready to start investing. I'm not really into day trading, I'm more focused on dividend shares, local and foreign, UK, us , Asia. The problem is I don't know which is the best online broker for this. I do have easy equities who say they are the cheapest, but I don't feel that way haha. I know plus500 is getting some hype atm, I've seen another broker called globex 360, I've seen iq options.....but overall I just need the most bang for my buck. There is Robinhood and TD ameritrade but I know those do not/cannot provide service to SA. I also want to be tax compliant but also avoid as much add on and comission cost as possible. Come on fellow Warren buffets of South Africa, show me the way.
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have you ever worked on iq option? is it safe?
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Bio twitter 2020

Não-binário, LGBTQI+, BI, Trans, Gênero fluido, elu/delu, Vegano, Vegetariano, Carnivoro, Cristão, Digital Influencer, Youtube, Streamer, Psicologia na @ USP, Infermidades: Gastrite, Miopia, Dor nas costas, ansiedade crônica; SP (+11), 💖 shawn mendes 💖, Lutando para normalização de pronomes neutros. Packs R$20,00. Picpay, Paypal. IQ Option Investor 🤑, Tradder. Esquerdista, Odiado pelos bolsominions 😊. Saude mental: Péssima. Quarentenado, status: aguardando vacina. Virginiano, Ascendente em Touro. Lua em câncer. Setembro amarelo🌻. Atualmente no programa de coach da jrm coaching💞
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Is anyone here using IQ OPTION

Because i want to hear there strategy form former iq option trader
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hello guys i’m looking for a mentor that could guide me in iq option
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Is binary options any good? Tried it before, made some profits, but stopped bcoz it's stressful.

I was lured by an ad to try IQ Option (binary trading) while I was playing some online video games. Tried it for a month and made profit of about PHP 10,000. I stopped after that cause I find it too stressful.
Is this a legit investment platform and I was just not patient enough or is this just another form of gambling and scam that will rip me off eventually?
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Any good broker outside the US for small accounts?

Hey everyone, I've been paper trading for 2 years now with Think Markets and occasionally trading real money with IQ options (I know it´s garbage, but I like that you can invest as low as $1 dollar).
I believe I'm ready to fully trade with real money and I'm happy with Think Markets and their Think Trader platform, they also have Meta Trader, but I'm wondering if you guys could recommend me another good broker to trade Stocks, Forex, Indices and Metals outside the US. I mainly trade WTI, XAUUSD, and the SPX500. It's going to be an small account ($1000) as I'm a graduate student only making $500 a month. Thanks guys :)
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19 y/o complete beginner, where should I start?

Im not sure if this is where I should post this but Im really keen on trying out investing. Everything has been confusing me so I havent made much progress.
I've used StashAway before but that's as far as I've went. I've also heard of day trading and I have tried IQ Options but lost all my money there (I only put in a very small sum but still). I have also downloaded POEMS SG 2.0 but couldnt get the hang of it. Is there any starting point/advice/resources for someone who's a complete beginner?
Ps. I might not get basic terminologies so plesse go easy on me
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IQ option

Is iq option good place to test knowledge before starting real trading?
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Hey motherfuckers, what's up ?

sitbomm here with another MASTER PIECE full of good shit Let's get started on this shit ASAP cuz i have no time to waste and i want to make this shit as short and straight to the point as possible this will be the HOLYGRAIL of making BIG fucking money just trading binary options online, ok ?! i want to tell you that i will teach you the strategies with REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS EXAMPLES, not bullshit DEMO ACCOUNTS but REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS exactly like on my VIDEO PROOFS too that i included on these folder where you got this guide where you can see myself making $3950 USD and more within FEW MINUTES on a fucking REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS LIVE in front of you, ok guys ?! so all the EXAMPLE images that will be shown here are all from REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS and REAL WON TRADES and REAL FUCKING MONEY made by myself ! so let's get started ! First of all guys i want to share with you the BEST and my FAVORITE BROKERS starting by my FAVORITE ONE now... their only problem is that they don't accept USA customers but that is not a problem cuz i have a way to teach you guys if you are from USA, to sign up with them and use them even though you NOT on USA
The way you guys will do to sign up with them even if you are in USA is FIRST you will buy a license of this VPN called www.COM on website > it is VERY CHEAP... cuz with this VPN, you can pick up any server from a country that is accepted on their site like BRAZIL for example so you pick up their BRAZIL SERVER and use it this will give you a BRAZIL IP ADDRESS on your machine and what will happen is their site will detect it and think that you are in brazil, instead of USA, you know ?! and for sign up '' details '' you can use this site > and select there BRAZIL country and brazil details they will generate some fake ass brazil fullz details for you and you use this details to sign up... and that is ALL YOU NEED.. cuz WHAT WE WANT FROM THEIR SITE IS THEIR '' DEMO MODE '' cuz on their demo mode they give us '' THEIR CHART '' which is the BEST CHART ON WHOLE INTERNET i can GUARANTEE you that, guys ! i been on this trading thing for LONGER THAN ALL YOU and i know which ones are the best and which ones are not so believe me when i say IQ OPTION IS THE BEST CHART! so by signing up like that, you will have access to their demo mode immediately and this is WHAT WE WANT cuz to put my methods and trading strategies to work you guys will have to PRACTICE IT for 2 weeks MINIMUM ! before you even think about jumping on the REAL MONEY accounts... and then when you go to start on real money accounts you can use the other 2 best brokers like bitplutos and finpari this is exactly what i do too i have accounts on ALL THREE brokers and when i go trade on the other 2 i use IQ OPTION demo mode charts along with the other broker bitplutos for example open on my MOBILE PHONE using their mobile app so this way i can TRADE ON THEIR MOBILE APP while using the IQ OPTION chart open at SAME TIME on demo so i can WATCH THE MARKET and spot the perfect trading opportunities based on my strategies and place the trade on the mobile at the SAME INSTANT that they pop up on the chart on IQ this is EXACTLY what i was doing on that VIDEO PROOF that i have included in this folder here with name '' Undeniable Proof $3950 in few minutes! '' i was using IQ options chart open at same time of bitplutos app on my mobile phone, to make that $3950 USD in few minutes!
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Best A-book(non binary option) brokers for non-USA. citizens?

Hi, Im a beginner on trading and I want a good non-binary option broker to start my career with. Because binary option seem too much like gambling(espicially Iq option) to me so I am avoiding it(for now), the problem is that im not a USA nor EU citizen, so any recommendation? thanks!
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Need help with withdrawing money

I've made a stupid mistake and falsified my age on iq option so now I cannot withdraw the money I put in, my passport which shows my age is awaiting verification, but I want to know if the money is gone forever. Thanks in advance
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Sajtovi za početnike [Investiranje]

Zdravo drugari,
Posto se niko nije naučan rodio mogu da vam dam par sajtova/brokera koji nude naloge za vežbanje, da se ispraksirate sa trgovinom akcija, trgovinom sa marginama, opcijama i forexima, koje sam ja lično koristio u početku, a koji se mogu koristiti u Srbiji.
Upozoravam vas da ne pokušavate da odmah stavljate velike kolicine realnog novca nego da počnete sa malim količinama ako ste početnik.
Postoji i mogucnost na nekim sajtovima da udjete na takmičenja gde dobijete određenu količinu novca koju možete da koristite i na da na kraju nedelje,vikenda ili dana se forimira lista i dobijaju se novčane nagrade. Otprilike fukcioniše (IQ Options) da platite 5$ i da dobijete poseban acc. sa 1000$ i da onda se takmičite sa ostalim ljudima ko će više novca napraviti.
Ako imate jos para sajtova da dodate ili koje ste vi koristili, slobodno podelite sa nama.
Trading 212 je nešto najsličnije što imamo RobinHood-u. Ali ipak bi savetovao da počnete sa IQ options jel je lakši za početnike, a i dobijete 10k $ kao akaunt za vežbu.
Naziv Min. Deposit Ref. link Non-Ref. link Vrste trgovanja
IQ Options 10$/10€ link link CFD/FX/Crypto
XTB 250 $ / link Sve
Trading212 1$ / link Sve
BitMEX 1$ * / link Crypto

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Any good mobile stock trading app out there that is legit and doesnt rip you off ?

So after investing some money with iq option and having been ripped off i was wondering if there is a legit mobile app for stock and options trading. Last i checked ameritrade doesnt have a mobile app. If you guys know any legit apps please let me know.
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Iq Option | Olymp | Binomo | I predict 1 min candle like this in OTC | Price Action & Price Movement

Iq Option | Olymp | Binomo | I predict 1 min candle like this in OTC | Price Action & Price Movement
Hello Traders,
Let it be IQ option or Binomo or Olymp, I predict next candlestick like this . #binarypriceaction #binaryoptions #priceaction #otcmarkets

price action trading for binary options
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Yahoo Mail is more secure than Third Party apps connecting to it. HA HA

My yahoo mail just got the email below about Yahoo Mail web and IOS apps being more secure and a change to how third party apps must connect to Yahoo Mail.
I think its funny that Yahoo has had 2 data breaches at least in the last 10 years and their apps are so secure now. Hmm....
We love that you love using your Yahoo Mail. And we want to make sure you always have the best experience. That’s why we’re reaching out today.
We’ve noticed that you’re using non-Yahoo applications (such as third-party email, calendar, or contact applications) that may use a less secure sign-in method. To protect you and your data, Yahoo will no longer support the current sign-in functionality in your application starting on October 20, 2020. This means that you will need to take one of the steps below to continue using Yahoo Mail without interruption.
But don’t worry, you have options. Find an option that works best for you below:
Option 1: We recommend that you access your email using our free Yahoo Mail app for iOS and Android or simply go to to access Yahoo Mail on the web.
Option 2: Keep your current, non-Yahoo app, BUT follow a few steps to get it to sync with our secure sign-in method. The steps vary across different email applications, but in most cases, you will have to remove your Yahoo account from the app and then add it back again to update the sign-in security. Use the links below to follow the specific steps for your current application:

Option 3: You can generate a one-time, unique password that will allow you to sign in to your account using your non-Yahoo email application. Once created, this password will continue to allow your app to securely sync your Yahoo email unless you sign out (or are signed out) from your app. You can find instructions on how to do this here.
If you want more details on these changes, please visit our help page. If you’ve already taken action, we’d like to think you haven’t read this far, but if you have . . . we sure appreciate the diligence!
Thanks for rocking that Yahoo Mail address!
Yours in your inbox,The Yahoo Team
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What is binary IQ options? And how does it benefit you in the short run and long run?

Binary IQ options is a form of bitcoin investments that enables traders to earn money through investing and trading bitcoins. Well as some of us know, bitcoin is a form of digital currency also known as cryptocurrency. On wall street, one of the main criticisms of bitcoin is that it was invented only a decade ago by a computer programmeprogrammers, with no real fundamental, underlying value. It's just a made up thing as they say, with a volatile price that only derives from what the next buyer is willing to pay but in reality, they're just scared, bitcoin is taking over both as a store of value and also as an exchange medium. So how does binary IQ options work then? Firstly, an investment platform plays a major role in it, they work with standard automated mining systems that you can use to grow even the smallest bitcoins into huge amounts, but lastly none of it is possible without daily trade signals. The daily trade signals are needed to carry out successful trades and they determine the investors profits after trading. The trading last for 5 days.
Binary IQ options has changed a lot of people's lives not only were some free from the clutches and depths of their 9-5 jobs but also were they able to thread a path to financial freedom!! So many people were debt free, others were able to retire early, a few more still focused on their jobs, and work from home. Question is what would you want your story to be?
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What about IQ Option?

I've been reading about IQ option (good and bad reviews). The UI seems to be pretty clear and I'd like to give a chance on forex/stocks (no interested on options at all). Any thoughts about this brokerage? Is it safe? Any problem with withdrawals? Any user to share hehis thoughts?
Please, I do not want to discuss about "options": It's actually gambling.
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Need a trading platform

I'm looking for a trading platform which I can trade a high variety of ETFs using high leverege (at least x20) and I couldn't find any. iq option was the best platform that I've found, but it has just one bond ETF, I need more bond ETF to perform my strategy. Any platform sugestions?
Thanks for helping me!
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Disruption vs Step-Wise Innovation: Which One Works for Your Company?

Disruption vs Step-Wise Innovation: Which One Works for Your Company?
Should an organization put an emphasis on trying to generate one ‘magical’ idea which will revolutionize the business and generate millions in new revenue streams? Or, should it prioritize cost savings and incremental innovations which will be much more likely to bring in smaller profits? Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks. Which one is right for your company? This depends a lot on its specific circumstances.
Before we explore deeper into what suits your company, let us first take a look at both the categories an innovation can be split into.
Innovation specialists generally divide innovation scope into two broad categories: Incremental (or stepwise) and Disruptive.
i) Incremental Innovation
An incremental innovation tends to focus on cost or feature improvements in existing products or services. Companies that incorporate this roll out updates or upgrades on their already existing products or services from time to time.
Let us consider the soft drink company, Coca-Cola. The brand’s line extensions such as Cherry Coke, Coke with Lime, and more recently Coca-Cola Life have enabled a 130-year-old brand to stay relevant, tap into emerging trends and bring something new to its customers over the years.
ii) Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive innovation creates a dramatic change that transforms existing markets or industries, or even creates new ones, by introducing groundbreaking new products. Disruptive innovation is when new products or services start out at the bottom of the marketplace but end up displacing their competitors.
Netflix is now well known and continues to revolutionize the way people watch television and movies. On-demand viewing has scrambled the traditional broadcasting model. Netflix allows viewers to avoid annoying commercials and watch shows adjusting to their own schedules. They have also built apps for mobile phones and included technology to recommend shows to users based on what they watch. This has disrupted the way TV shows and movie streaming sites work.
Which is a better model?
Initially, disruptive innovation is formed in a niche market that may appear unattractive or inconsequential to industry incumbents, but eventually, the new product or idea completely redefines the industry.
Whether you choose disruptive or incremental innovation will depend on many factors — for example, the industry you are operating in. The rate of technological change differs greatly between one industry and another. Some sectors are characterized by rapid change and disruptive innovations, others by smaller, incremental ones.
When designed and implemented effectively, business process improvement can deliver significant benefits to any organization, including,
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous Improvement (CIP)
  • Greater strategic value
  • More efficient resource utilization
  • Higher quality products and services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
All these factors should be taken into consideration and thought of before choosing a model of innovation.
Advantages and disadvantages of each model
i) Step-wise Innovation
  1. Staying competitive
Every next-generation product needs to compete; it is a must. Products need to evolve to allow competition with the previous generation to roll on. Step-wise innovation helps you improve on your previous offering as well as your competitor’s offerings, thus giving you a competitive edge.
  1. Ideas are easier to sell
You are offering a recognizable product to an existing market, therefore it makes it so much easier to communicate and sell your big idea.
  1. Affordability
The process of incremental production allows for affordable development. Products can be made better without breaking the bank.
The reason incremental innovation is so popular is that it has reduced risk in comparison to disruptive innovation. Additionally, once a company has a product up and running it tends to have built up considerable amounts of human capital and competencies so the firm may as well devote time to making it better or reducing costs.


  1. Lack of information
When you are starting a new invention or just renovating your product, there is not much scope for research. For your product, you are the source of information. Therefore, it is integral to make breakthrough ideas and have the ability to build on them.

Not enough customer insights
Since the product or service is being launched for the first time, it is hard to determine what a collective audience feels about your product or service.

In many cases, a lack of recognition
In mature markets with many competitors, it is much harder getting noticed. Huge marketing expenses became mandatory, as well as the R&D resources to remain competitive.

Higher chances of failure
t is not an easy race, and Nokia gives us an example of a big player that clearly lost its market position as a result of a failing innovation strategy.

ii) Disruptive Innovation


  1. Bigger Wins
The chance of getting a ‘bigger win’ is one of the main advantages of disruptive innovation. You have the capability the change the way the entire market runs with just a few innovative ideas that stand apart.


With an entirely innovative idea comes the chance to create a whole new brand and market — a market so untapped that a single design could gain a monopoly.

More open to new players
The radical model suits new players far better, as they have no incumbent history which can restrain the breadth of their innovative design — they have a blank, limitless canvas. With Kickstarter allowing new and exciting inventors to launch into a large marketplace, radicals will continue to wow the world with products we don’t even know we need yet.


  1. Competing products already exist
The fact that you’re disrupting means that an offering already exists on the market that can provide a solution to your customers.
  1. Entrenched companies have a strong interest in preventing you from succeeding
If an entrenched company sees what’s going on with your disruption, they will generally do anything and everything they can to protect their position in the market — and they’re often much larger and have more resources than you.
  1. Risky — success is not guaranteed
Success in innovation is never guaranteed. There are still many hurdles (marketing, technical, cash flow, etc.) that need to be overcome for your innovation to be a success, whether it’s incremental or disruptive innovation. Moreover, if there are bigger and known brands in the same industry, there is a likelihood that they can offer a better or a similar product/service that can hurt your business at some point in time.
The business environment of market leaders does not allow them to pursue disruptive technology when they first arise, because all the processes in big companies are slower than in startups and normally huge companies even though they have a lot of money, they don’t have this fast and agile approach. It is not always like this, but if we look back at history, most of the notable disruptive innovations were introduced by unknown people, people who lived their idea, and who worked on it putting all enthusiasm to the project.
At the end of the day, it is best to find a balance between the two approaches. Combine the introduction of the occasional revolutionary product with many small incremental improvements in existing products. By having a comprehensive view of your initiatives over time, you can avoid either overwhelming or underwhelming the marketplace.
Check our website for more: Call us: 9900654992
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Iq Option best Strategy  $4500 just Using RSI 2020  My ... IQ Option отзывы - МОШЕННИКИ !!! SCAM !!! - YouTube IQ OPTION - ROBÔ GRATUITO PARA TER LUCRO EM OPÇÕES ... 2 Minutes Strategy Binary Options 2020 (IQ Options) - YouTube iq option heikin ashi trading strategy

Setting up the Bollinger Bands indicator on IQ Option. Setting up Bollinger Bands on IQ Option. After logging into your trading account and setting up your chart, click on the indicators feature ad select volatility. Next, select Bollinger bands. Click on the Setup and apply tab on the Bollinger bands window. Set the period to 20. Finally, click apply to save the changes. Changing the ... „IQ Option hat mein Konto gesperrt“ Eine sehr beliebte Aussage, die unsere Händler in Foren lesen können. Erörtern wir also, wie häufig wir derzeit Konten ohne die Zustimmung des Nutzers sperren und warum das passieren kann: Ja, wir sperren Konten von Händlern. Wie oft? SEHR SELTEN. In diesen Fällen sperren wir Konten: Wenn ein Händler Zahlungsinformationen eines anderen für Ein ... IQ Option was presented to the market in 2013, Russia was first to see and use the platform, and among Russian traders it quickly gained a strong reputation and became very popular in a short period of time. This allowed IQ Option to develop and spread further, so soon it became known in European countries, China, America and so on. Also, there is an important thing to mention in this part of ... Iq Option Bot – Premium Iqoption Robot For Free Download. Today I am going to share a new Iq option bot and I am going to give you this bot for free. If you are new or intermediate trade on the binary option you can be benefited from this bot. This one is also one of the simplest bots out there. If you like you can also check out other free indicators list from here Free Indicators. Although ... On the IQ Option platform, this ranges from 1 minute to 1 month. IQ Option binary trades always have a fixed return which is calculated as a percentage of the trade investment. The return you receive depends on the asset being traded and market volatility. What is Binary Option? Binary Options is a trading instrument that offers a guaranteed return for a correct prediction about an asset's ...

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Iq Option best Strategy $4500 just Using RSI 2020 My ...

IQ Option ist ein Broker im Bereich binäre Optionen und Optionshandel und Digital. In diesem Video werden Digitale Optionen gewählt und die jeweiligen Einstiege im Detail erläutert. Come si usa la piattaforma IQ Option? Impara ad utilizzarla guardando questo video e praticando con una demo gratuita a cui puoi accedere da qui https://iqop... open forex account 50% bonus: iq option winning indicator .. online trade winning indicator. how to us... iq option Strategy iq option real account Strategy 2019 iq option 2019 how to always win in iq option binary binary options how to win candlestick analysis candlestick iq option iq option Germany ... Iq Option $4500 just Using RSI 2020 My brilliant Strategy Don't forget to subscribe and like the video and click the bell icon for further updates and al...